Augie March and I have decided to end our relationship early and part ways. I am sad to see him go, but we have hit a brick wall that I just can not climb over right now. Good bye Augie March I know our paths will cross again some other day.

Okay, so what really happened is that I just did not get any time to read while I was on holiday. I have this problem with books. If I have to leave them for whatever reason for any extended time I just can not get back into reading them. I have to completely leave it and revisited the book another time. This is what has happened this time around. This would also account for my lack of posts. Not that I have had many hits on this blog, and I doubt any of you are return readers, but still I apologize.

Now to choose another book on the list…. (I am currently looking at the list right now..) I think I will go for a title that is familiar with me this time. Hmmm.. I will go with… A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Yes, that sounds good. I have just finished ordering if from the library. Unfortunately it says it is loaned for the moment. Hopefully it will come in soon and I can get back to writing this blog for all my non-readers out there.

I have to say, this book is getting better. It still is not very interesting but I am finding my self captivated with the way Bellow has described the Einhorn’s. Just the way he strings words together has kept me reading. Although at times these “strings” are long, it is they that keep me interested and turning the next page.  I am still not very far along in the book. I have only reached page 89. I seem to reading at a snail pace. Hopefully I will be able to finish this book before the summer is at a end, but at this pace it’s not looking good.

Another thing I have noticed with this book is seemingly random paragraphs just thrown in. Here is one example:

Quiet, quiet, quiet afternoon in the back-room study, with an oil-cloth on the library table, busts on the wall, invisible cars snoring and trembling toward the park, the sun shining into the yard outside the window barred against house-breakers, billiard balls kissing and bounding on the felt and sponge rubber, and the undertaker’s back door still and stiller, cats sitting on the paths in the Luteran gardens over the alley that were swept and garnished and scarcely ever trod by the chintied Danish deaconesses who’d come out on the cradle-ribbed and always fresh-painted porches of their home.

Yes, that is all one sentence, but a beautifully descriptive sentence, even though if it seem to serve no purpose to the story!

I had no idea where to start on the list, so I decided to start with the first book on the list. The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellows. Here is what Time has to say about the book:

Augie comes on stage with one of literature’s most famous opening lines. “I am an American, Chicago born, and go at things as I have taught myself, free-style, and will make the record in my own way: first to knock, first admitted.” It’s the “Call me Ishmael” of mid-20th-century American fiction. (For the record, Bellow was born in Canada.) Or it would be if Ishmael had been more like Tom Jones with a philosophical disposition. With this teeming book Bellow returned a Dickensian richness to the American novel. As he makes his way to a full brimming consciousness of himself, Augie careens through numberless occupations and countless mentors and exemplars, all the while enchanting us with the slapdash American music of his voice.

Its kind of great to start of a book written by a fellow Canadian!

I am only about 3 chapters into the book , and I have to say that this one might take me a while to get into. Tell me, if you have read this book, does it get better? Right now I go back and forth from wondering how I got to this point in the story (it feels like it jumps around a bit) to it just starting to make sense. I really enjoy the parts that start to make sense. But just as I feel like I am finally getting a hold of the story, it jumps somewhere else and slips through my fingers.

Usually if a book hasn’t captured my attention by chapter 3 I move on. Not this time, I have a goal to complete. I will power through it, I just pray that it becomes more enjoyable.

Welcome to my newest blog. I have started on a personal task and I figured I would share it with the world! My new goal is to read all 100 books on Times All Time 100 Novels list. Now usually 100 books would not be a huge task for me, however I just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my reading time has diminished greatly. Regardless I am determined! I plan to update on my progress, and maybe even review the books I read. I have never really written reviews of books before, so this is something new for me. Its exciting isn’t it? I hope you will join me in my journey and that you find this blog enjoyable and entertaining. I love comments, so please feel free to share! I promise to post often!